About Me

A brief introduction and a bit about my journey into art.
I first became interested in art during my schooldays in Southampton, when I gained an O level in Drawing. The pressures of work & bringing up a family led to my talent lying dormant until I enrolled in a local silk painting class.

My early success in this medium encouraged me to extend my study into watercolours and pastels. My interest & skills were further developed by completion of a formal Painting & Drawing course at Harrogate College. I have since become a member of The Society for All Artists, Walton Group of Artists, Monk Fryston, Selby and Deepdale Art Groups all of which I exhibit with, and I am a regular exhibitor at the Boston Spa Art and Crafts Festival every October.

Most of my work is in watercolour, but I also enjoy working in pastels, acrylic and oils and I've recently been experimenting with Brusho, an exciting and versatile new medium. My preferred subjects are flowers and landscapes, but I also experiment with animals, still life and architectural subjects.

My home in South Milford, between Leeds and Selby, is where much of the painting takes place. I am assisted by husband David who makes the tea, and cooks the meals when the urge to paint is too strong! He also helps out with the design & preparation of greetings cards from my paintings, and the design and maintenance of my website.

Several artists have inspired and influenced me in many ways, with technique, subject, light, form etc. and I have had the privilege of attending courses and workshops with some of the best over the years. A selection of them with links to their websites can be found on the Links page.